Drum roll, please! Attached is the long-awaited order form for our 2019 Talbot County Master Gardeners Native Plant Sale. Garden Club Members are invited to pre-order native plants. Once again, Chesapeake Natives will provide the plants and is offering a selection of 30 different species.  Most will be in quart containers and will cost $6.00 each.  CN is also offering a few species in gallon containers, priced at $9.00 each. Plants will be sold primarily by pre-order, although there may be a limited number of not-spoken-for plants available on sale day.


As was the case last year, the Excel order form will automatically calculate tax. (Thank you, Janet M!)



Here are the details:


WHEN:    Friday, May 10 from 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM


WHERE:  Parking lot of the Talbot County Extension Offices, 28577 St. Mary's Court, Easton MD.


HOW DO I ORDER?:  Fill out the attached Excel order form and return to Kathi Bangert (kathibangert@gmail.com) by Monday, April 15.  (Ordering plants is your reward for finishing your taxes.) 


HOW DO I GET MY PLANTS?:  Bring cash or a check made out to Chesapeake Natives (please be sure to include tax) on May 10 between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM.  NO CREDIT CARDS.


Let the garden planning begin!

If you have problems with the plant list form, contact Chris Myles-Tochko or Phyllis Rambo.

Oxford Garden Club, PO Box 674, Oxford, MD 21654    oxfordmdgc@gmail.com